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In order to make it easy for our customers to understand our process of creating durable, energy-efficient industrial lighting fixtures, ACE’s experts respond to the questions most commonly asked by different customers. We offer comprehensive answers and open space for questions and discussions on our manufacturing process, products, and services.
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    What Are the Benefits of Plug-and-Play Sensors?

    1.Energy Efficiency: By detecting occupancy or ambient light levels, these sensors can adjust the lighting accordingly, significantly reducing energy consumption and costs.
    2.Automation: Plug-and-play sensors automate the control of lighting systems, ensuring that lights are used only when needed, which enhances convenience and efficiency.
    3.Cost Savings: The reduced energy usage and maintenance requirements lead to substantial long-term cost savings.

    What Is the Difference Between Plug-and-play Sensors And Traditional Sensors?

    Traditional sensors require more complex installation and wiring, often involving the need for a separate control system. In contrast, plug-and-play sensors can be easily integrated into existing fixtures without the need for additional wiring or control systems. This makes them a more user-friendly and accessible option for upgrading lighting systems.

    What Are Plug-and-Play Sensors?

    Plug-and-play sensors are designed for simple, user-friendly installation and integration into existing lighting systems. These sensors can be easily connected to LED fixtures without the need for complicated wiring or specialized technical skills. Their primary function is to provide automatic control of lighting based on environmental factors such as occupancy or ambient light levels, thereby improving energy efficiency and convenience.

    Does LED lighting have disadvantages?

    LED lighting is contingent upon the exterior temperature, so it must be properly managed to avoid overheating. Because LED is a relatively recent, newer technological advancement, it can cost more to produce than previous forms of lighting.

    What are the advantages of LED lighting?

    Besides forementioned energy efficiency and design versatility, LED lights afford faster brightness, smoother dimming and, compared with fluorescent lighting, on-and-off switching which won’t affect long-term performance.

    Are LED lights safe?

    Yes. LED lighting does not contain toxic substances, such as lead or mercury. LED lights are as recyclable as many electronic devices. Note that LED bulbs are electronic devices. Like a mobile device or laptop computer, overheating can happen, so the LED bulb must be able to dissipate heat. LED lights housed in an enclosed space prevent the heat from dissipating, sending heat back to the bulb. LED lights do not lead to hazardous chemical leaks and LED lights produce light at a lower temperature, so they are not as flammable as other types of lighting. Additionally, because LEDs do not contain ultraviolet (UV) rays, today’s LED lights can be used in skin and other health therapies.

    What is Your Warraqnty Policy?

    As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we offer a 5-year warranty by default on all of our products except for some specific items. Additionally, for clients who require even greater peace of mind, we offer an extended warranty of up to 10 years. This level of support is unmatched in the industry and demonstrates our commitment to providing reliable, long-lasting lighting solutions for our clients.

    If your product is broken or have problem, could you offer new one to me for replacement?

    Yes sure. We have professional after-sale service team, please kindly take product videos and pictures to send me, so our engineers could provide the most scientific solution to help you solve problem; If it is a product quality problem, we will offer free accessories during the warranty period.

    Could you please customized for me according the specifications I sent you?

    Yes sure, we could customized according your specifications, such as for including LED high/low bay lights, street/area lights, tri-proof lights, flood lights, etc. Please kindly share me details.

    What’s the difference between your company and others?

    Advanced technology and automatic production equipments, complete the order with quality and quantity guarantee.

    More than 10 years of experience technical team offer you professional industrial lighting solution and customize according your requirements.

    Perfect after-sales service system.

    Great agency service and support.

    Competitor analysis for customers.

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